Uncommon Core


A revolutionary one-of-a-kind poetry anthology, Uncommon C ore: Contemporary Poems for Learning and Living,  featur es  over 250 poems from 92 poets.  A year ago students from Red Beard Press’ editorial board at the Neutral Zone decided they weren't seeing enough contemporary poetry in their high school classrooms so they decided to do something about it. They embarked on a journey to create what they wanted to see – the ultimate collection of contemporary poems for classroom use. 

Red Beard Press created an open call for submissions which  was  sent around the country. The response was overwhelming. The editors spent six months combing through submissions ranging from emerging poets who had never previously been published to major award-winners and National Book Award Finalists and ferreting out which poems they thought would make the collection strongest. Now the book is finally here and it's beautiful and it's got eye-popping, ear-electrifying poetry from people like Patricia Smith, Kim Addonizio, Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Naomi Shihab-Nye, Tim Seibles, Adam Falkner, Angel Nafis, Patrick Rosak, Ross Gay, Molly Raynor, Jeff McDaniel and so many more incredible poets. This unique collection aims to be in classrooms and on bookshelves across the country. 

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