Gayrilla: Becoming Visible


A toolkit by youth for youth to create school climate change.

Over the past five years, Neutral Zone’s Riot Youth, a program of LGBTQA youth has created the Gayrilla Project to create positive school climate change. This project has included creating, disseminating a school climate survey to 1200 students across four area high schools, creating a theatre performance to share their findings for more than 50 organizations, groups, and school communities, and facilitate peer dialogues. Through this process, Riot Youth has aimed to develop more allies, change the critical consciousness of the student body, and create a more positive school climate. Riot Youth has developed a toolkit and training to support other students to consider the change that they can create in their school communities.

The toolkit includes the following:

  1. An introduction by the Riot Youth teens with a step by step process of how to create climate change. 
  2. School Climate Survey Guidelines, definition of terms, and a student and teacher survey.
  3. Performance theater script
  4. Dialogue training for youth facilitators
  5. Dialogue curriculum for facilitating post performance discussions
  6. DVD of the Gayrilla Performance for Educators

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